Bearing Depot & Supply

Bearing Depot & Supply specializes in industrial bearings. ceramic bearings and steel ball bearings of all sizes. We stock a full line of electric motor and pump bearings. We carry a large inventory of metric and inch seals.

We take pride in finding obsolete and hard to find bearings at a very competitive price. Our inventory is large with most American and Japanese manufacturers represented. All stock orders are shipped the same day.

International customers: Please call 732.563.2225 before ordering, so we can process your order correctly.

Since 1996, Bearing Depot & Supply has been a full service ball bearing and industrial supplier. Our Ball Bearings are made of a High carbon steel, stainless steel or even ceramic balls for reduced friction and noise and to run fluidly inside a wide range of applications. The flanged and pillow block housing mounted units are made of cast iron with pre-drilled bolt holes. Bearing Depot carries many hard to find items that may not be listed on this website, please contact us and we can quickly add to our website.

• ATV Bearings & Seals • Motorcycle • Competitive Prices • 24 Hour Emergency Service •
• Inch and Metric Products Available • Guaranteed Satisfaction •

If you need an item not listed on our website, 
please contact the Bearing Depot by calling us at 732.563.2225 or by clicking here.

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